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I’ll give you a story. I won’t tell a word. Read it. Taste it. You’ll recognize the truth.

“Two of the most estimable fish restaurants in the United States, Uglesich's in New Orleans and Tadich's in San Francisco, have Dalmatia in their DNA.

…..We were stunned by the sweet, magically tender shrimp, cooked on a wooden skewer, and the ruddy scampi, which were so plump they could almost have passed for baby lobsters. They were rockets of flavor intensity that scored direct hits with us both. The young waiter told us why: "They were alive when they came in this morning — two or three minutes on the grill, depending on size, and this is it." I am not much of a fish salad fan, but my starter was exemplary — a mixture of delicately flavored baby octopus, succulent little mussels, chopped red onion, ripe tomatoes, fleshy black olives and round, wonderfully juicy Mediterranean capers. Betsey's shrimp came with a mound of saffron rice, every grain distinct and slightly crunchy, and a salad of tart rocket dressed with oil from Korcula. The espresso, with a perfect head of crema.


……the oysters and mussels, “pašticada” – delicious marinated beef with noodles, seldom disappoint. Nor does Croatian street food, like burek, a flaky pastry filled with cheese, delicious when fresh and hot, a gooey mess when not. Little grills set up in alleys and on street corners dispense raznjici, which are small kebabs, and thumb-size skinless sausages called cevapcici, made from pork, lamb or veal, or a blend, and bright with paprika, onions and garlic.


Italy has left its mark as well, with a spicy fish stew called brodet, the risottos of Venice, the pizzas of Naples and especially prsut (the word is pronounced pur-SHOOT, which gives you some idea what it is: a local variety of prosciutto). Prsut is a smoked ham that is home-cured in the bora, a dry winter wind that blows from the mountains through passes down to the sea.

What to drink with all this? Croatian wine. Posip, a crisp, chalky, flowery white made from the same grape as Hungary's furmint, and Plavac Mali, a dense, chewy red, full of pepper and blackberry notes, Macondo in Hvar, with a dandy seafood pâté; and Baban, in Split.


If you visit Istria and if you are a real gourmand, let your host guide you through the specialties of traditional food. In Istria taste asparagus, exceptionally healthy, rich marine deliciousness - fish, crabs, shellfish...and please do not miss truffles, homemade prosciutto and cheese, gnocchi and ravioli, for desert delicious “fritule”, “kroštule” or " cukerancice”.

Food and wine
I'll give you a story. I won't tell a word. Read it. You'll recognize the truth...
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