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best price hotels in Croatia
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When you’re bored with the monotony of your stay on the seaside, on the crowded beach, or just don’t know how to spend the rest of your day, cast a look on the wooded slopes on the island and the small picturesque villages of the hillsides between the vineyards, or book yourself a stay in family house in Konavle or background of Cavtat, have cooking classes focus on traditional dishes using locally produced fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat, fish. Feel the different rhythm of life here, have a chat in shade of the tree, see the stars shining in the dark sky, feel the refreshing touch of breeze coming from the slopes of nearby hills.
"Маленькая страна для большого отпуска", - так обычно говорят в турагентствах...
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Я расскажу тебе историю не проронив и слова. Прочти ее. И ты узнаешь истину...
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