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Return to nature in search of tranquility, an opportunity to discover your true self in the world that is enticing, intoxicating, full of scents. Magnificent landscapes, "green waves" hills, some topped with towns, villages, streams, crags, forests, marly dunes, churches, ivy - covered old citadels... Here legends are still alive. Discover the atmosphere of the home of your hosts, taste with them the autochthones food, drink home - made wine so inviting for your senses...take along your bike, feel free to create your own time, discover your own path or hiking trail, don't be afraid to get your shoes dirty, they will take you on an adventure.
"Un piccolo paese per una grande vacanza", ama dire il nostro ufficio turistico..
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Ti dico una storia. Non dirò una parola. Leggila. Riconoscerai la verità...
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