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If you've sailed before, you know how it feels to be on board as the sails unfurl, the wind catches, and you head off on an adventure. Prepare for an experience that is carefully designed to deliver the things people dream of: freedom, romance, luxury, privilege - all real, all possible, all here under brilliant white sails. You open your eyes to the reflections of sunlight on the ceiling; draw the curtains to the sight of an island drifting slowly by. Before you the sea shimmers like blue silk, seemingly close enough to touch, and the horizon stretches to infinity like a promise. A promise! That this day - this vacation - will be unlike any other. It's a promise wrapped up in the ship's majestic white sails and the simple, sublime notion of being at one with nature and the sea. Overnight stays vary from a handful of modern marinas through to remote anchorages in inlets and creeks, with only basic shore side facilities.

"A small country for a great vacation" is what our turist office likes to say..
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